Mick Harvey & the Letter String Quartet - 'The Journey'

These pieces of music have been made available by Mick Harvey and the Letter String Quartet for anyone wishing to use them in conjunction with the #KidsOffNauru campaign. You might want to create your own video.

The pieces are -
The Journey:
Part 1 - Conflict
Part 2 - All At Sea
Part 3 - Capture
Part 4 - Hope

The idea of the pieces musically is Part 1 - Conditions in a conflict zone, Part 2 - The sea passage and its attendant dangers Part 3 - capture and incarceration Part 4 A message of hope to the people in detention. 

All pieces are instrumental apart from some individual sung words in Part 4.

Many thanks to Mick and the members of the Letter String Quartet!

Download them here.

Adam Valvasori