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Detention on Nauru is making kids blue - host an event and go #BlueForNauru


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No amount of medical treatment or mental health support is enough for children suffering on Nauru, and we all know why: It’s detention on Nauru that is making kids blue. While the Government has flip-flopped about getting kids off Nauru, children are still there and they’re still in danger. Australian communities need to keep talking about the situation on Nauru.

That’s why we’re turning Australia blue for the kids on Nauru.

The KidsOffNauru campaign needs YOU to hold a #BlueForNauru event in the week leading up to the November 20: Universal Children’s Day. Register your event below

How you go blue is up to you. Turn your workplace blue? Host a small dinner party with friends? A school casual day? A special church service? An office party? A stadium-busting concert? Get creative and spread the word to YOUR community about why we need to get the kids off Nauru.

Why go blue?

1) You can raise awareness and educate people about the issue in a friendly setting.

2) You can use the event to take action. Have a letter-writing station, call your MP, or share pictures on social media to reach an even bigger audience.

3) Because we need politicians to see the passion and feel the pressure in their electorate. By registering your event and inviting your local MP or getting coverage in local media we can make sure every politician knows that their community stands with the children.

Start planning your event today.